Day 2 – They Know

26 Feb


I might as well have sent up a flare that said I gave up shopping.

I turned on my computer and coffee pot this morning to indulge my two a.m. needs: education and stimulation. And this is what met me in my inbox. Before 9 a.m.

At 8:42 a.m. there were 11 emails offering coupons and in store discounts. 19 more would arrive before noon.

The hardest part, and this could be because I haven’t had a weekend of “fasting” yet, is that I can’t look at all the websites I would normally check on during the course of the day.

No skimming through j.crew’s online sale – their email said it’s fantastic and I should drop by – or following hyperlinks to see how much the outfit cost and where I could put it together for less – thanks People.

Just an innocent pair of $300 shoes dropping by my inbox to say hello, asking a simple question. “What’s new?”

They have to be at least $300. They just look like something I couldn’t afford. Rock-chic. Well balanced. Braided leathers with studs. Sandy colored and a platform to boot. Someone put me out of my misery and compare them to rent. Or food. Or ANYTHING.

Or else I might keep thinking how well they’d go with my blue silk dress.

2 down …

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