Day 4 – Bibidy Bobidy Boo

28 Feb

dysonMy first Saturday without shopping went fairly well. Even though I found myself pining for the cha-ching.

The upside of all my new free time is that my apartment is spotless. After the a.m. work out – uhh. my arms. hurt. – I got the whole apartment sparkling. The dishes are done. Clean sheets. Sleeping Beautys’ fairy godmothers couldn’t cast enough spells to keep up with me.

Cleaning always makes me laugh though, as I find myself coveting better cleaning products. Like a roomba. Or a Dyson.

I cannot tell you how many times I have wished that I had a Dyson.

They’re always sitting there in Target at the end of the shelf. Just like a bottle of Stolichnaya shadowing bottles of Gilbert’s, Dysons tower over the Hoovers and Dirt Devils – though a Dirt Devil hand vac would be soo cool. Nifty design.

But a roomba. How awesome would that be? To just leave the house and know that, while you’re working, you’re also vacuuming. My luck, though, it would get stuck on the high pile carpet. Or get lost and confused down the hallway, stopping to ask my jewelry box for directions.

But I don’t own a Roomba. Or a Dyson Ball. Cost prohibitive. Ironic, non?


One Response to “Day 4 – Bibidy Bobidy Boo”

  1. Cantankerous Rex March 1, 2009 at 10:32 pm #

    Here’s the obligitory “if you still have the craving, I’ve got a spot that needs tidying” response.

    I’m hoping you talk about cooking or laundry next. I’m sure a bill-pay post might be too much to ask …

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