Day 5 … and 6 and 7

4 Mar


Ever get behind balancing your checkbook? Or watching your DVR’d tv?

Somewhat stressful.

So tonight, I’m catching up with Huntington and Friends. Oh – and writing a blog post. Only part of which is fun – trust me. I’ve spent all week doing english to math conversions in preparation for the GMAT and the last thing I want to do is more math. Or solve anything else in terms of “w”.

Of the twenty-some episodes of Friends waiting for me to watch (DVR is really terrible) I managed to get my most favorite episode, “The One with all the Poker.” This has always been my front-runner favorite (with the Pilot episode a close second) because it’s the start of Rachel’s career in shopping.


It’s no shock that Rachel likes to shop and in “The One with all the Poker” she gets her first interview at Saks. “It’s like the mother ship is calling (her) home.”

Ever since my mother heard that line, she’s used it when I start getting closer to the ultimate personal shopping goal. Now, not to be superstitious, but she is always finding 118 in things. Change. Totals. Channels. You get the idea. It’s how she knows things are going well – almost like a pat on the back. It happens all the time and has become quite cool.

“The One with all the Poker” is Episode 1.18

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