Day 10

9 Mar


Yup. Time to pay the bills.

And I really do feel like I’m just burning it, even though I haven’t spent one cent in excess this entire time.

Rent. Charge Card. Electric. Cell phone. And 5 Doctor bills. Ugh.

The first half of the month is always a bit more fiscally responsible than the back half. Here’s why.

I painstakingly balance that little leather book at the first paycheck of every month and dutifully pay every bill between that day and the second paycheck. I’m usually left with about $100 to survive on for 14 days – including 4 weekend nights – which is why I try to go grocery shopping that payday so as not to only have liquid groceries… sorry Mom.

But inevitably I end up – erm – cruising through the hundy a bit quicker than 14 days. I average about 11 and then I pull out the credit card. This is where it gets fuzzy. If I’m using the card, what’s the difference if I use it for $8.93 or $28.93? Right? I said, Am I right?

So the second paycheck of the month is spent on the back half bills and whatever extra I have is spent on the shopping and fun a girl needs to have, as well as a bit extra tossed to the credit card to cover the extra I spent. But if you’ll notice, none was held over for the tight first paycheck – again.

It’s no wonder I feel the Joker has a more sound financial plan – you can’t rack up debt if you have nothing to start a spending spree!

I mean, clearly he’s not out there spending it on Choo’s.

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