Day 12

9 Mar

timechangeDid you remember the time change?

It was so very difficult to wake up this morning and know that the clock staring back at me was telling me where I’d been, but not in a Delorean kind of way.

I felt so out of sorts for the better half of the day that I was publicly grumpy at mass with my Mom – not good – and almost cried when I got home and found out Dunkin’ Donuts had put the wrong “vanilla” donuts into my bag. I’m sorry if I’m a donut snob, but when I ask for a chocolate iced, vanilla cream filled I most certainly do not want a powder sugar donut.

Nor can a vanilla iced cake donut be substituted for a chocolate iced chocolate cake donut.

They got my coffee right but that’s like saying you remembered the time change.

You still lost an hour.

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