Day 9

9 Mar

ynzIt’s either the greatest lesson in Pittsburghese, or the teacher of my GMAT class has some pronunciation issues.

Pittsburghese is the language spoken here in Pittsburgh. It sounds quite similar to English but is actually more loose off the tongue. For instance, one would say something like “Dere’s daht cahch on dere lahn gin” when in actuality, they mean “There’s that couch on their lawn again”. The addition of “h” and flat “a” sounds makes this a vernacular like none other.

Tonight I learned two new words: Nohroscience and Combinding. Now, I believe the first word is a specific area of science that might be closely relating to Neuroscience, or the study of the brain and nervous system, and the second word could have something to with either addition – as in math – or a machine on a farm (I don’t think that word has a “d”, though, just a “combine”) but I could be wrong on both counts.

Either way, I’m tired of the accent. I think I’m going to speak in the Queen’s English throughout the entirety of class next week.

That way correcting her sounds extra proper.

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