Day 13

10 Mar


Michelangelo had marble and oil. Shakespeare had quills and parchment. These guys have gas.

Monday nights I have become addicted to an accidental routine: Big Bang Theory at 8, HIMYM at 8:30 and then, at 9, I turn to channel 114 for a dose of comedy from 3 cheeky auto enthusiasts. I say accidental because I needed news from BBC one evening and then these guys came on. And I just. couldn’t. flip.

Most of the time I haven’t got a complete understanding of what they’re talking about – I’ve often forgot what kind of cars they’re even testing before the hour is up – but each episode kills me. And TV is the perfect medium for these three.

It’s literally like watching your three slightly-smarter-than-stooge friends put their favorite thing to the test – any test they can think of – and weigh the results.

There is no censor – well, relatively speaking – and these guys say just about whatever they want. They certainly do whatever they want. Test drive and smash buses, race the Bugatti Veyron against the Pagani Zonda Roadster (ok .. so I used the info on the cable for that one) and the usual test run of the evening guest on their Top Gear track – and that was just tonights episode.

They make absolutely hilarious, seemingly impossible challenges for each other – for instance: start a big rig on a hill without rolling backwards thus destroying a prize grand piano.

And each “test” is taken completely seriously. Tonight’s race from Basel, Switzerland to Blackpool, England was to be done on only one tank of gas! They raced a VW Polo, a Jaguar and a Subaru from Switzerland to NW England on only one tank of gas. That makes my stretching the bottom of the gas tank one last 13 miles look like a gimme.

It cracked me up to watch as Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson kept calling each other to compare distances while James May constantly did mileage totaling and range figuring – that’s over 700+ miles of math.

Yikes. And I thought the GMAT was a painful amount of calculations!

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