Day 15

11 Mar



I’ve spent the better part of an hour trying to figure out if there are any in the shopping suppression. The reason for the debate? eBay.

Wikipedia states that a Loophole is a weakness or exception that allows a system, such as a law or security, to be circumvented or otherwise avoided. Loopholes are searched for and used strategically in a variety of circumstances, including taxes, elections, politics, the criminal justice system, or in breaches of security.

I concede that Lent was not among the things listed but I’ve lingered on the words “searched for” and “used strategically” for two reasons: 1 – I am still wanting to be “searching” for shoes and 2 – all I can hear in my head when I get to that point in the sentence is Will Ferrell saying “strategery”, but oddly enough it’s in the voice/tone he used while playing Alex Trebeck on SNL Jeopardy. Go figure.

I was checking my email – something it looks like I haven’t done in days – and attempting to delete 50 or so emails (sale notices) waiting for me when I noticed an email from eBay letting me know my watched auction was coming to a close. Soon.  Bid now.

Which started me thinking about the last time I had been on eBay. I know it’s been a while, but for an auction to be on my watch list, it would have to be up for a month and I would have been on eBay about 3 weeks ago. Shortly before I made my fast, I logged into eBay to take a peak at a few dresses and put a zillion of them (with matching shoes) in the watch list. The dress left in the list, well, it’s pretty damn expensive. Not something I could afford, regardless of Lent, I was probably thinking that if it didn’t sell, being in my watch list it would pop back up relisted … maybe at a lower price. In 9 days, we’ll see.

But the conundrum is this. Another item I had been wanting closed for a mere $10.50 and shipping. Something that would have originally cost over $100.

Back to Loopholes.

My theory is this: A loophole will work if it is able to be applied across the board to all who have given up something. If someone were to generously offer purchase something for me and hold on to it til easter, I could, at that point pay you back. Then, I haven’t technically bought anything.

So, if it can be figured out how I can eat the sweets and treats others have given up for Lent and pass the enjoyment on at Easter, I’m golden.

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