Day 14

11 Mar


Saturday turned out to be a pretty good day – albeit a short detour in the middle almost cost me my sanity.

I met my Mom at her house and brought lunch, the good little daughter I am, and watched Becoming Jane while we munched. She had a couple of errands to run (pick up donations at church, pay bill at JCPenney, look for something for Easter) and I was going to tag along.

After a few comments (criticisms) about directing, editing and lighting we were on our way. The run to the church was quick as there was nothing to pick up – lucky us – and headed to the mall.

dunt dunt duhhhhhhhhhhhh

We went in to pay the bill at JCPenney (slight furniture shopping spree between the two of us last August) and decided to look around at a few things for her apartment. Note: When she is over at my house, we don’t watch tv – her fast for Lent – yet when I go to her house we have to go shopping. Is this fair? I ask you! Mom? Really, I’m asking!!!!!!

A few beach hats and “oh aren’t these cute?!?” espadrilles and we were on our way down the main hall of the mall. To Macy’s.

The lower level is where we needed to be. Women’s wear. Men’s wear. Formal wear. Nothing I could get into trouble with. So of course we walked in on the upper floor.

And Macy’s had to be having the biggest sale I’ve ever seen. I swear, all the winter coats Macy’s sold this year – well – it was like a Coat Convention (which if they ever have I am sooo going). AND SHE MADE ME TRY THEM ON. ALL OF THEM.

Ok. That’s a bit much, but she did have me try on the Top 10. Beautiful. Gorgeous. Wish you were here. And she was laughing the whole time. “Oh! Here! Try this one on!!!” “Look at your face!” (chuckle chuckle) “Oh that one fits you so well!” and my favorite “LOOK! Houndstooth!”

I finally convinced her to stop making me try them on (though, true, I was a bit complicit in my torture) and leave the department. Do you know what department is next to Outerwear and was also having a huge sale. Shoes.

My Mom is hilarious. Not.

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