Day 26

22 Mar

I had a sudden case of Strep Throat last week. I went to bed on Monday feeling just fine and dandy and woke up on Tuesday with the plague – A horrible way to spend the real St. Pat’s for sure, but it happens. Strep ended up wiping out my entire week, leaving me the couch and tv to keep entertained – that’s how I’m accounting for Days 21 through 25.

Now I’m back online and writing – if it matters.

statsI particularly like that not once, but twice in the past 11 days I have hit zero – yes, one was while I was sick, but I have yet to break 10.

Either I am not writing enough; not writing interestingly enough; not interesting; or – eh – em – is there a fourth combination that can be pulled from those statements?

I’m not really in the mood to be posting now, but I’m not really in the mood to be doing much else either.

I’ve been in a dead conversation for the past two hours with someone I knew a while back who found me on Facebook and I cannot make it stop.

How is it that people you barely talked to when you were in the same place years ago can suddenly assume friendship because of a networking tool. It’s almost the equivalent of me facebook friending celebrities.

Personal details should remain just that, unless volunteered by the person. I think people see facebook as having removed personal barriers so that nothing is off limits. I can’t make a post on fb without every one of my “friends” seeing it, therefor, if you are in my list, you will see it, therefor, you must be inner circle enough to be able to ask me about it.

And since I’m such a pansy and accept darn near anyone who friends me – everyone is now privy!

Burger King – Bring back the de-friending Whopper trade-in, with an Onion Ring/Milk Shake option.

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