Right! No, Left!

6 May

I read Mental Floss every day – which is more than I can say about my blogging consistency – when I found this link on Saturday.

dancerNot that I’ve been sitting here since Saturday working on it, but intermittently I’ve tried to get the dancer to spin clockwise and it still hasn’t worked. By this test, I am left brained, which is to say analytical, logical and detail oriented.

The detail oriented part is right, but I don’t think I’ve ever been told how logical I am – the rare instance excluded. Had I been told about this dancer, instead of seeing it first, I would have bet money that I would only see her turn clockwise, but here I am, days later, only able to see her spin counter.

Upon further research, I found that maybe this test isn’t set in stone, as the few internet tests I’ve found have said I’m extremely right brained. One quiz even went so far as to say I’ve got even use of both lobes. Gee. You think?

I think the reason it is difficult to focus and see her spin clockwise is the lack of shadow for half of her spin. If you see things like I do, when she gets to the “front” of her turn, her shadow disappears. I think if I could see her shadow for the entirety of her dance, that I might be able to spin her the other way. Maybe not.

After looking at lists of what each half of your brain is to stand for, though, I’m alright with about half of each list. I am very good with words and language (a left brain function) and consistently contribute new posibilities within a situation (a right brain attribute) but when it comes to things such as practical (a left brain) and philosophy and religion (a right brainer) I feel like I may not have it all quite together.

All this said, I’ve learned two things: 1. I am neither extremely left brained or right brained. 2. This dancer can make me sea-sick in under 30 seconds.

And on a side note, I’m not really sure how to credit where this came from, so if I’ve botched it, please let me know. The story I read is available here. And I believe the original was produced here

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