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6 May


I’m trying to figure out the benefits of tweeting. I can understand how it may help a person to spread out newsworthy information – my friend Tiffany_GPAC is great at getting out information about local Arts group funding issues – but I can’t for the life of me figure out why, other than reading this blog, someone would be interested in the exact thing I’m doing now.

Though I’m not a very good joke teller (0 says to 8 “Love the Belt! – funny) I can tell a decent story. Not a yarn, mind you, but a story. Of events. So if I tweet and get that info out there earlier, isn’t that a bit like giving you the punchline first? (“Love the Belt,” O told 8 – not so much)

I tried to tweet for Art All Night two weeks ago but wasn’t able to due to a site overload – not that I would have had much time to send a text message let alone type it out I was so busy – but for that kind of an event, I can see where it would be beneficial: Tweeting which bands were coming up, Tweeting a particular piece that’s drawing a lot of interest or Tweet Tweet! the bar is open – though I think everyone knew that last one when it happened.

So today I have tweeted twice, actually, thrice, to tell everyone to check out Art All Night All Year. It’s uncensored, just as the show was, so even though most are suitable for work, please be aware that some are, well, not.

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