Sand Sculptures

7 May


This is just a link to the 2009 World Sand Sculpture Festival. These incredible works of art are on display until the end of May in Tottori prefecture, Japan. Since I know I won’t be making it to Japan within the next three weeks, these photos will have to do, but can you just imagine standing in front of one of these?

The photo above is just one of the 19 “Fairy tales and legends” crafted in sand that you can see here. I still can’t get over the detail. Check out those spires. In SAND! The best I ever got was getting the ratio of water to sand right in my bucket so I had a bucket shaped once tipped over and dumped. And that still took about 15 tries to perfect. Even with the two weeks they give these sculptors, there is absolutely no way I would be able to come up with work like this … Even if I am slightly right brained!

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