To Do’s and Done’s

8 May

iphoneRoughly two years ago I made a switch in carriers for two reasons. 1. My orginal service provider saw fit to provide more dropped calls than minutes I paid for (re: a lot a lot) and 2. I wanted this gadget.

Here I am, two years later, and I still do not own one. Not because the desire has waned, mind, but because of some of the complaints I hear from those I know. Copy and paste, (for the longest time) picture messaging and a few other bobbles and bits that one would assume of such a pricey phone. And, well, if I’m being totally honest, because of another whopping reason…

At the beginning of the year, prior to the creation of My Plastic Fast, I made a promise to myself that, if I was at least half way through my debt knock out by July, I would purchase one of these babies for my own Happy Birthday. Once Lent began, and I saw I wasn’t doing nearly as well as I had wanted, I began this blog figuring I could make up for lost time and use the Lenten Savings for a giant, moonman-esque leap toward my goal.

Do you see where I am going with this?

Try as I might, I am still stuck in the vicious cycle and cannot completely step away from the credit cards. Oh, they’ve long since been shredded, but in a pinch to pay the phone bill once or twice, I’ve used detective work and 800 numbers to find out account numbers and CVV’s to wrack up more debt while, ironically, settling others.

I try and budget and pay extra towards the credit card, but it is so hard … even now that Lent is over and I still have put a limit on my extra-curricular spending.

Which makes it all the more funny that I think I could do better with tracking my spending and budgeting if I had constant access to my information 24/7… on, say, an iPhone?

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