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Quit your day job

11 May

Joe Appel Photography

Joe Appel Photography

Recently I got to do a photo shoot for the newspaper and I was able to work with two great photographers – Heidi Murrin and Joe Appel.

I’ve had a bit of experience with Joe before, as he was the photographer at the wedding of my friends Allison and Brennen, becoming a seamless part of the day (while the rest of us scurried about) documenting the event perfectly – even managing to capture a few moments the bride and groom missed as they were so busy.

I thought everything he photographed that day turned out extremely well, especially considering the weather hadn’t really been in our favor for the first half of the day, so I was very pleased when he was the photographer for the second day of shooting on the little black dress story.

Heidi had great conditions with Nordstrom – neat props, make-up artist, good looking art – and I had been extremely happy with her photos (I only wish I had something I needed head shots for!) so I was all the more excited to see Joe’s photos after having seen his work from Allison’s wedding.

Both photographers did a beautiful job and I would work with either one again in a heartbeat. It is funny though, that as I look at each photo I can see a different person. I know it’s all the same person – work with me here – but in each outfit it’s a different personality coming out. I guess clothes can make the woman!

Joe posted them here on his blog, with the full photo slide show available here of both sets of photos from Heidi (Nordstrom) and Joe (Macy’s).




Sorry I hit your car

11 May

Next time I botch my parallel parking, I’m going to remember this:


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