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Highland Dryland

12 May


Though my collection of wellies is neither as vast or as visually interesting as this photo implies – I do have a collection of wellies… And though ‘collection’ may be a bit of a strong term as I have just two pairs of the English Gardening favorite – and two pair seems to be enough as I can never remember to wear either set.

Living in Pittsburgh, they are a necessity for the Springtime when the sky can open up at a moments notice and drop a few ounces of cold water on your exposed toes and recently refurbished leather heels. Way to go me.

But the point here isn’t so much Pittsburghs weather (believe you me, that needs an entirely separate and solitary entry) as it is collections.

I’ve recently realized (and been told) that I have a lot of things in my apartment. And I do, I’m not denying it. Things that I’ve held on to for years and years for one sentimental reason or another, as well as the accumulation of other things without a sentimental reason (not to mention those that I’ve held onto for sentimental reasons but can no longer remember what that reason was – frustrating!) I’m not so bad that if something breaks I hold onto it instead of pitching, but I have a lot of junk taking up prime real estate in my already small apartment.

I have three closets in my apartment – none of which are large or in my bedroom (a true disadvantage for a “collector” such as myself) – and the only one I use on a regular basis is a regular nightmare. The two closets in my living room are now cleaned out, but the “walk-in” in my hallway is still screaming for a facelift – erm – floorlift (let’s not even talk about the holiday decorating fiesta currently housed in my basement storage unit). And so I’ve begun to purge.

And man alive does it feel good – it helps with the plastic fast and with the prime real estate recovery – I thought I was going to have to move! Shoes that never really fit? Gone. Belts I wore once in college? See ya. Clothes I can’t put on – let alone pull off? Hello Goodwill!

I’m only halfway through with the overhaul and am getting ready for the first-midnight-over-stuffed-car-trip-to-the-donation-center-run. Initially I was thinking I would donate in person and receive the tax credit but then part of me thought anonymous might be better – lest I be caught …


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