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All I wanna do

14 May

Up2All I really want to do today is watch movie trailers. I have no motivation to do anything else and I feel this is going to become a trend for the weekend.

I’m excited to see Up from Pixar, but am not happy it doesn’t start until Memorial Weekend. I understand the logic for it, three days of Box Office bliss and all, but when a movie mood strikes and there is nothing to sate it, well …

I guess I’ll just have to find something else in my movie arsenal to keep myself entertained this weekend, which could be easier said than done – I’ve seen all of them before!I feel a DVR clean-out marathon coming on.

Up looks so cute, from the talking dog to the idea of balloons lifting the entire house. I love the scene in the preview of the little girls’ bedroom bathed in colored light from the passing balloon house. It’s just too cute.

It’s going to be an anxious two weeks until the movie opens!


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