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Just killing time

19 May

MazeDo you have 2 hours you don’t need anymore?


This is addictive.

And frustrating!!!


It’s A GIRL!

19 May


It’s official. Allison and Brennen Hydzik are having a little baby Girl come October!

The surprising part is that we all thought it was going to be a boy. I even told Allison last night, so very adamantly I might add, that I thought she was having a boy (she thought so, too) and that I would be really, really surprised if it ended up being a girl. Well the sonogram is in and there is no possibility of her little buddha being a boy. YEA!!!! Can’t you just picture the baby shower?

I am going to be the best pseudo-Aunt EVER. Not that I wouldn’t have been excited for her to have a little boy, but I think having a little girl to play dress up with is going to be fantastic.

Pink tutus and Ballet shoes, to compliment sugar and spice,
A little girl with big brown curls, oh it will be so nice!
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