Many Unhappy Returns

26 May

Being credit savvy means more than just paying the bills on time. It also means knowing when you can and can’t shop for the extras. And I’m getting tired of not being able to shop for the extras!

I bought myself a nice little outift this past weekend at one of my favorite Shadyside stores and have found that, through the miracle of calculations, I really shouldn’t have bought it. It doesn’t make a gigantic dent in the pocket book, but it doesn’t put a dent in the debt, either.

24 hours later I’ve made the decision to return the top and skirt, but I still found myself trying to find a way around returning them. Should I hold onto them and wait for the 2 week price adjustment? Should I return them and hope they’re still there in a couple of weeks when I’ll really have the money to pay for them?

Why is it that I can think of a million and one ways to keep an outfit I can’t truly afford and, rightly, don’t need, yet when it comes to my debt, I’m not nearly as creative at finding ways to beat it down? I feel so undisciplined and am upset with myself – still trying to ‘skirt’ the issue.

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