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Sun and Sanity

28 May

BeachIt’s a pretty decent day today in the ‘burgh. Work is crazy. The rain has come and gone. And work is crazy (but it’s now the weekend). Even so, when I saw this photo I thought “Yea. I’d rather be there”.

Though, the more I looked at the photo, the more I laughed. See those people? Laying in the sand? That’s exactly where I would be – the only spot of shade for miles!

No work. No rain. No problem.

I started reading Julie & Julia – very good – and I laughed out loud when I read a bit about “performance anxiety and a dry-cleaning bill”. Julie was writing that there were only two things keeping her from a very public meltdown in the NY subway system: a bit of public humiliation and a vintage suit. Well, I’m not in the NY subway system today, but I’m stopped by decorum and a pencil skirt.

Now. See those people? Laying in the sand? In that little spot of sanity? I need to get there before I’m on a first name basis with my drycleaner.

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