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30 Jun

targetWhy is Target so cool? I ask you!

I went to Target last night with the intent of making it a quick trip. Target is never a quick trip, unless you run in at quarter til closing time, and then, by default, you have a quick trip. For me, though, I have yet to get in and out of Target in under an hour.

Even though Target was out of the thing I went in specifically to purchase – rubbermaid tubs! – I found myself wandering the aisles two hours later, looking at and seriously considering things I had never really thought about before. Don’t even get me started on the sale racks at the end of some of the aisles. I wasted a precious 15 minutes last night looking at the discounted party and paper rack, deliberating if Jenny might think a photo album emblazoned with 2009 would be a little late?!

Target isn’t so much a shop or a store or a mart as it is an addiction. Someone says “Hey. I’m going to Target …” and finishes that sentence with either “wanna go with?” or “need anything?” and your answer will inevitably be “Yea!” because – hey – It’s Target!

I always feel as if pushing their red carts might – at some point – cast me in one of their commercials. Yea. Right. But the coolest thing about Target is their registries. Ever done one? They give you a scanner gun and let you register for all the things you want people to buy for your shower, party, upcoming or whatever. It’s great. Now I know that Giant Eagle has the same thing in their stores, but it doesn’t feel the same. The rush at Target is much more satisfying.


I look forward to Target visits as I look forward to Swensons. I know that comparison doesn’t make much sense to some people, but to those who have been to the NE Ohio drive-in chain for a galley boy, you might have a little insight – forbidden fruit treat kind of insight.

And this kid is getting a Galley Boy, Peanut Butter Cup and Onion Ring fest come Friday. I cannot wait. Mom and I are going up to Akron for a big family birthday party this weekend and I intend to imbibe.

Everytime we go up to Akron/Stow we stop in and, after checking their website I’m now anticipating an even better trip than usual. $1.00 Swensons pint glasses with the purchase of each milkshake! I’m thinking I could have a set of 4 or 6 by the time our trip is done, and we’re not even supposed to be in town more than 24 hours – uh-oh!


Look Up at the Clouds

29 Jun
Disney Pixar's Up

Disney Pixar's Up

What a weekend!

Go see ‘Up’ immediately if you haven’t already. And if you have seen it, go and see it in 3D. Now.

Honestly, I think it’s Pixar’s best movie to date; I was in heaven from the very beginning. And the animated short – Partly Cloudy – that plays before is just another testament to the brilliant and creative minds that work for Pixar.

Partly Cloudy

Partly Cloudy

Partly cloudy is a short story detailing how babies are made – by the clouds – and how they make it down to earth – via Stork, of course!

The two characters – Peck and Gus – have a working relationship. Gus is particularly good at making dangerous babies – alligators, rams, sharks, eels, porcupines – you name it – and poor Peck has the task of delivering them.

Pixar’s animation is just so incredible that one doesn’t really pay attention to the scenery anymore – it’s taken for granted – but to see the birds fly against the sky in the opening credit is amazing – even more so in 3D! The story line is amazing with great interaction between the characters – including an endearing moment when Gus attempts to help Peck with a feather loss issue. It’s just over 5 minutes but it’s the little details, such as when Gus gets upset and cries, it results in a storm below, that really make this a gem.

Up was just as great – especially liked that Mr. Fredrickson lives in house number 18 – with the flying balloons and talking dogs, as well as the anticipation of where…



… John Ratzenberger’s voice would be heard.

I also admired how the plot handled the life and passing of Ellie with such ease and grace. It made a moment that you knew would have to happen to advance the plot bearable, though I did shed a tear.

Russell was a hilarious character to use to soften Carl’s heart – he talked nonstop, whittling down Carl’s nerve in an effort to get his ‘assisting the elderly’ badge – the only gap on his otherwise complete merit badge sash.

Since I walked out of the theater, I can’t help but look up at the clouds and dream about what I might see – a stork or a bazillion balloons floating a house away?

Jenny’s Graduation

23 Jun

Here are a few photos from Jenny’s graduation from Ohio Universtiy. The flash didn’t work all that well and there is motion blur on the one and only shot where she knows she’s supposed to be looking at the camera from her seat. Whoops.

Oh well. At least she didn’t trip ; )

Congratulations Jenny. I’m really proud of you!

The Shermanator

22 Jun

Congratulations Kate and Ross!

Here are a few pictures from the Shermanator’s wedding last weekend. Be sure to check out the custom cake topper… And Jeff Gandee’s hair ; ) Enjoy!

I’m back

22 Jun

Hi Allison!

I’m sorry I haven’t posted a blog in so long but I was on vacation for nine days; ironically the same time that you were off on your lovely staycation. ; )

I would have posted, but I decided it was best to unplug for those nine glorious days and, barring my cell phone, didn’t do any electronic work. And it was good.

Ross and Kate got married (Yea!) and I have some lovely photos to show you. Wait til you see their custom cake topper! You’ll flip! It looks just like the Shermanator. I mean, erm, Ross! It was such a lovely reception, I only wish I had made it to the ceremony, too. I wasn’t there, though, with good reason – My sister graduated from Ohio University earlier the same day and she took precedence over R&K. Great photos from her graduation, too!

Overall, the trip to Ohio was great and I’ve loads of pictures to share. They’re all at home, though, on my computer, so I’ll send you them later tonight.

I thought of you when Mom and I saw a semi-truck accident on tuesday morning during our drive on I-71. A Bath & Body Works truck had flipped over and can-opener’d – yes, I’m making up words – spilling individual bottles all over the place. I know you would have loved it.

Be sure and check out Joe Appel’s blog – you can see photos from the wedding we were shooting on the 20th! Chris and Amy were such a nice couple and really very easy to photograph – you’ll see what I mean.

Hope you and Brennen and Choo-Choo are all well! Can’t wait to see the dry-wall and painting you two were able to accomplish last week. I’m sure it looks great.




8 Jun

My friend Joe is on the homepage of Ohio U today, in celebration of graduation from the Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine. Congratulations, Joe!

Joe's Graduation

Joe's Graduation

What a weekend

1 Jun

Going, going, going, Gone!

Time got away from me so quickly this weekend that I barely had enough to breathe, let alone do anything that wasn’t previously scheduled.

Kristin & Justin, courtesy Joe Appel Photography

Kristin & Justin, courtesy Joe Appel Photography

Saturday was my first day as assistant to my friend Joe Appel. I got to help him with the wedding photography of Kristin & Justin. Their wedding was in Heinz Chapel (my first time in the space – wow is it pretty!) and then their guests met up at Station Square for a reception on the Gateway Clipper. A great wedding to cut my teeth on as Joe’s assistant.

The excitement didn’t end there, either, as I also got to talk my way out of a towing and parking ticket for Joe’s car in Oakland – something that has never happened to me before – the talking my way out of it, I mean!



Then, after the wedding, I got to go to the Coldplay concert at PGP. It was a really great show with the band coming out into the lawn for a set of Green Eyes, Death will never conquer, and a cell phone wave/Beach Boys tune. It was really quite cool to be only 25 feet away from one of my favorite bands. The light show on stage was great, followed by confetti showers of tissue paper butterflies – a very cool effect. has a free album right now – Left Right Left Right Left – which they also passed out at the concert on Saturday – and it’s great. 100% Live. Give it a listen by going to their site and downloading the zip.

Work of Art Awards

Work of Art Awards

Last but not least – or, really, part of the weekend, either – Tonight is the Work of Art awards, hosted by the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council. I’m going, along with a few other Art All Nighters to accept 2 awards for the event. Red Carpet arrival, Awards and an After Party – should make for a great evening at the Pittsburgh Opera!

Hopefully the weather holds out a bit longer and we’re not all rushing the red carpet entrance too quickly – but it will definitely be fun to get to see my Art All Night cohorts one more time before the summer really takes off!

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