I’m back

22 Jun

Hi Allison!

I’m sorry I haven’t posted a blog in so long but I was on vacation for nine days; ironically the same time that you were off on your lovely staycation. ; )

I would have posted, but I decided it was best to unplug for those nine glorious days and, barring my cell phone, didn’t do any electronic work. And it was good.

Ross and Kate got married (Yea!) and I have some lovely photos to show you. Wait til you see their custom cake topper! You’ll flip! It looks just like the Shermanator. I mean, erm, Ross! It was such a lovely reception, I only wish I had made it to the ceremony, too. I wasn’t there, though, with good reason – My sister graduated from Ohio University earlier the same day and she took precedence over R&K. Great photos from her graduation, too!

Overall, the trip to Ohio was great and I’ve loads of pictures to share. They’re all at home, though, on my computer, so I’ll send you them later tonight.

I thought of you when Mom and I saw a semi-truck accident on tuesday morning during our drive on I-71. A Bath & Body Works truck had flipped over and can-opener’d – yes, I’m making up words – spilling individual bottles all over the place. I know you would have loved it.

Be sure and check out Joe Appel’s blog – you can see photos from the wedding we were shooting on the 20th! Chris and Amy were such a nice couple and really very easy to photograph – you’ll see what I mean.

Hope you and Brennen and Choo-Choo are all well! Can’t wait to see the dry-wall and painting you two were able to accomplish last week. I’m sure it looks great.



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