30 Jun

targetWhy is Target so cool? I ask you!

I went to Target last night with the intent of making it a quick trip. Target is never a quick trip, unless you run in at quarter til closing time, and then, by default, you have a quick trip. For me, though, I have yet to get in and out of Target in under an hour.

Even though Target was out of the thing I went in specifically to purchase – rubbermaid tubs! – I found myself wandering the aisles two hours later, looking at and seriously considering things I had never really thought about before. Don’t even get me started on the sale racks at the end of some of the aisles. I wasted a precious 15 minutes last night looking at the discounted party and paper rack, deliberating if Jenny might think a photo album emblazoned with 2009 would be a little late?!

Target isn’t so much a shop or a store or a mart as it is an addiction. Someone says “Hey. I’m going to Target …” and finishes that sentence with either “wanna go with?” or “need anything?” and your answer will inevitably be “Yea!” because – hey – It’s Target!

I always feel as if pushing their red carts might – at some point – cast me in one of their commercials. Yea. Right. But the coolest thing about Target is their registries. Ever done one? They give you a scanner gun and let you register for all the things you want people to buy for your shower, party, upcoming or whatever. It’s great. Now I know that Giant Eagle has the same thing in their stores, but it doesn’t feel the same. The rush at Target is much more satisfying.


I look forward to Target visits as I look forward to Swensons. I know that comparison doesn’t make much sense to some people, but to those who have been to the NE Ohio drive-in chain for a galley boy, you might have a little insight – forbidden fruit treat kind of insight.

And this kid is getting a Galley Boy, Peanut Butter Cup and Onion Ring fest come Friday. I cannot wait. Mom and I are going up to Akron for a big family birthday party this weekend and I intend to imbibe.

Everytime we go up to Akron/Stow we stop in and, after checking their website I’m now anticipating an even better trip than usual. $1.00 Swensons pint glasses with the purchase of each milkshake! I’m thinking I could have a set of 4 or 6 by the time our trip is done, and we’re not even supposed to be in town more than 24 hours – uh-oh!

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