28 Jul

I’m making a concerted effort this week to trot out my lesser worn shoes. These don’t really qualify as lesser worn since I only bought them on Saturday, but being that they are highlighter yellow, safety yellow or day-glo (take your pic — but they’re not green!) they deserved some attention. The only thing I don’t like is that, because they don’t have a heel, I feel like i’m almost waddling around. Flat shoes make lady-like walking difficult. Flat sandals are even harder.


I think I could feasibly wear a new pair of shoes everyday for a month and not repeat. Scary, huh? Which brings me to my point.

Mom and I went shopping at the St. VDP thrift again and I got some killer deals – highlighter sandals withstanding – such as an Oscar de la Renta silk scarf for $0.63, some great italian ankle boots and a really nice suit. $50 and I believe I am outfitted for the rest of the summer and fall.

Thrifting is fantastic for a multitude of reasons. Not only do you get a hell of a deal on whatever it is you are buying, you’re almost guaranteed that no one else will ever wear the same thing as you, because you didn’t shop from a rack with 20 of the same shirt. Plastic fast aside, unless I am buying staple items that just have to be purchased new, I think I could make a lifetime of good choices just by staying out of the malls.

I’m off to Happy Hour now. It’s the start of a fantastic Birthday week for this girl.

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