Mad about Mad Men

12 Aug


I’m mad about Mad Men. And no. Not in a good way.

I tried to enter their contest yesterday but their servers for the contest were so bombarded that you couldn’t log on to save your life. Bummer, too, because it was for a potential walk-on spot on the show. I’d love to meet January Jones and Jon Hamm, but I’d really love to be outfitted by wardrobe in 60’s garb. Something very sleek would be cool. A wool gabardine dress. A lady coat. Oh I can just see it. Buttons up the back and pearls. I’d love every minute of it. Especially if I also got to wear a hat!

I love hats. I think I inherited that from my mother. She looks great in hats. That’s one of her fashion vices. While growing up, she was excited to be an adult so that she could wear all different kinds of hats with her outfits, but as she came of age, the hat-wearing culture was past it’s prime. I still love a good hat, though, and have way more than one person needs, especially since some hats are way too job specific. There are only so many places you could wear a beach sun hat. A pillbox hat would be nice. Matching the wool dress and with a hat pin. *sigh*

I’ll probably be as close to wearing a pillbox as I will be to filming a scene with Betty Draper or Peggy Olson. Grrrrrrrrrr.

Sometimes I think it would be cool if people still dressed in a 60’s ish manner. I know it’s unrealistic but I loved the style. Men wore suits and women wore dresses. People tried to be polished more so then than now and it was more out of place to be dressed shabbily. Nowadays you dress up and people ask if you’ve got an interview or are going to a funeral. Oh well. I can still channel the 60’s into my own wardrobe. And I just might start with a hat!

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