Grad School

13 Aug

Recently my mother decided she was fed up with the path that her life was taking and decided to make a change for the better. (family trend?) Anyhoodle. She threw a couple of different options out on the table and ho hummed a bit. But the option that kept rising to the top was always some form of counselor.

My mom is the type of person that, while she is talking to you, she’s trying to figure out where you are in the birth order of your family – among other personal-make-you-tick details – and she’s very good at it! So it was a natural fit for her to decide to go back to school for a degree and family therapy.

The application process was arduous – lots of papers to fill out, essays to write, letters of recommendation to ask for, a mission statement, not to mention financial aid, culminating in a board interview – all to find out the deadline was “yesterday”. (“yesterday” was a few weeks ago, but late for fall quarter deadline, nonetheless)

So it was with a little shock when she received a call early one morning that, if she could get her letter of intent – thus completing her application – together quite quickly, she could still have an interview for the fall semester. With some help from her friend Carla – but mostly her own steam – my mom was able to pull everything together and go for her interview yesterday (really, yesterday).

From the sound of it, the interview went pretty well, though she was still nervous hours after it had ended. We barely talked on the phone last night – I think she was still running around in her head and I was just dead tired – great conversation starters both.

Today I got an early morning phone call from her and the only thing she said, other than “Hi.” was …. “I got in.”

Congratulations Mom. I am so proud of you for getting everything together and wowwing the interviewers yesterday. I knew you would do well and I know you’ll do even better in the future as a student and a counselor. You’ll do great things at Seton Hill. I’m so happy for you and proud of you!

I love you, Mom!

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