27 Aug

driverVhen vas the last time you vent vahoo?

Mine was just about 10 minutes ago. And I’m still pumped!

Working with Joe Appel has been a lot of fun. As I’ve written before, not only is it a crash course in what to do and not to do when it comes to planning a wedding, this past Saturday, I had another crash course with Joe – he had me shoot!

Now, I was a little scared at first – probably because he handed me the camera, showed me three things to do and said “Go!” – but I got over it. I remembered the first few things I was taught in college about and shooting – thank god! – And when it looked like I was going to have to shoot some super important shots, I said a little prayer that I wouldn’t disappoint Joe or the bride and started pushing that shutter button. Turns out, I did alright!

The wedding was at Green Oaks Country Club and, at one point, we were able to load up a few golf carts and take the new Mr and Mrs to an overlook of the Allegheny River and get a few dozen gorgeous photos. I was kind of psyched – ok, really psyched – to get to drive my first golf cart and Joe captured that on film, too.

When Joe posts the gallery (lot of work to tone all those photos!) I’ll show a couple shots of my handiwork. Until then, I’m gonna bask in my little “hidden talent glory pool” until my hands get all pruney.

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