Soda Pop

8 Sep

I was reading Mental Floss this morning with my coffee and in the morning cup of links, I found this.

John Nese of Soda Pop Stop

John Nese of Galco's

Watching Mr. Nese talk about Soda Pop is just adorable. I would love to go to his store and try the banana soda and the true cherry, but it’s in L.A.!

I just wish I could order online! … or maybe go to LA?


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  1. Adaena (Art All Night) September 12, 2009 at 1:22 pm #

    Hey! I just found your blog via your twitter. I can totes identify with your struggle to save money/avoid shopping/pay off debt. It’ I recently began cutting back big time on my eating out and trips to the stores. I’m amazed that I’m making progress, but still a little bitter that I can’t have those mustard-colored wedges at Pavement 😦 I too have a blog (which I need to update more). It’s

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