It’s Anew one

10 Nov

It’s the first post from the new phone and I’ve got to say this thing is one of the coolest things I’ve ever bought! It’s taking some getting used to – the keyboard response especially, but I’m really getting into it. Qwerty is great but I miss having the keyboard memorized. I had T9 down pat and could text from my pocket á la Matt Damon in The Departed. I try to text and walk with the iPhone and, well, let’s just say that Cirque du Soleil will not be calling me anytime soon. Falling with grace is not tops on their list. C’est la vie.
I get to do another Trib Tested this week – especially since last weeks tester wasn’t that great. I tried the new Starbucks Via and was completely unimpressed. Fine instant grind or not, the flavor was really lacking; bitter at first and gritty to finish. It might be good for camping if you had nothing else, but I don’t understand how Starbucks can market it as a great cup. It’s bitter and gritty and beads up on the side of your mug. Oh yea, I want that in my tummy.
This week I get to test Avon’s Anew Rejuvenate – a mineral facial – and I’m excited. There is something so alluring about facial scrubs. It’s sitting here on my desk already calling for me to go home and try it out. The directions are pretty simple; twist, apply, wait 15 minutes and rinse. Buh bye fine lines and wrinkles! Well, at least that’s what 86% of women say. They must be 86% of women like 4 out of 5 dentists. I’ll know in another two hours!

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