Of the Month

24 Nov

I was browsing around, online shopping if you must, after I found a bit of money burning a hole in my pocket. I have been extremely good this year – Santa, can you hear me? – in not spending those hard earned pennies. Even when I found all my cashmere and wools had been violated by moths. I merely trudged on.

When I needed new pants or work gear, I became a frugalista.

When I wanted new funiture, I thrifted.

In trying to find a home for that money burning so hot I stumbled upon an ultimate gift. Shoes. Every month. For a Year.

It’s almost too much to bear, until you reach the price tag. For a mere $1,800, I could have a new pair of heels delivered to my door each month of 2010 – that works out to $150 per pair. Yikes! I do not currently own any garment that I paid more than $100 for, and those are the heavy hitter items – coats, cashmeres, etc. – and even those I stalked until they were around $100. But $150 pair of shoes each month? I’m sure they’re just gorgeous – especially after having seen all the shoes that came out of their catalog this previous year – but I think it would be daunting to wear a pair of shoes that cost that much – mostly because I would see every pair as having cost $1,800. Though I’m sure I would get over it…

This puts Fruit of the Month clubs to shame!

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