It’s a Beautiful day in this Neighborhood

15 Dec

Last Friday, in lieu of decorating my tree, I went to the Heinz History Center in the Strip District. And I shouldn’t say in lieu of decorating. It was more, in lieu of putting the thing up at all. (Don’t fret. The tree did go up last night – after falling 4 times, but more about that later)

The trip was especially fun as I got to see bits from Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. His green sweater is there and his iconic sneakers, but best of all, Trolley was there. It was fun getting to take a close up peak at them – especially since you’ve no real idea of scale for things you see on TV. That show was one of my favorites growing up as I very much wanted to live in Mr. Rogers Neighborhood – no one there ever moved away.

The whole day was like getting to be a kid again. And, like any other 3 and a half year old, I like to push buttons and turn everything on to make noise all at the same time, so I get a little miffed when things don’t work at museums – most of the displays seemed to be out of order, but, to my simultaneous delight and dismay, the Pittsburghese speaking robot worked.

Whomever wrote the script for the robot did their homework, citing the beginning of Pittsburghese as the English of immigrants – mainly from Scotland and the like – which, if you listen closely to todays version, you can still hear. Um. YeeeNo. The robot then began to speak in Pittsburghese and went through way more vocabulary than I wanted to sit through, but I heard words such as nebby, arn, dahntan and yinz, prononced in perfect Pittsburghese and followed by an English explanation.

Right there, that tells me that Pittsburghese is difficult. If you need to translate and the originating language is English … ’nuff said. Well, anyway, the robot gave me a new Pittsburghese word I hadn’t heard. Jine iggle. Obviously from seeing it spelled out, I can figure it out, but before the definition appeared on screen and I had only heard the robot, I had no idea what it was going to tell me the English equivalent was – I learned something new at the Heinz! Thanks Pittsburgh.

The other photos are from their ’60s living room – photographed to show my mom was 60’s designs I am not keen on as she hunts for more retro for my apartment.

One thing that kept crossing my mind, though, was how cool the main hall would be for a wedding reception. Earlier this year, Joe and I got to shoot some senior portraits outside the Heinz and the windows the overlook the strip looked like a nice place to shoot from … but being inside, the main hall would be even better.

There’s a 2 story entrance – the Bride and Groom could walk down the stairs for their big “hello!” plus the added benefit of giving your guests some neat time occupiers while they wait for you during cocktail hour! I’d tour the Lincoln exhibit for at least an hour – btw, Lincoln was a really funny and witty guy. Their special exhibit on him is great! But I digress.

I think Joe and I would have a lot of fun shooting – between the classic Pittsburgh trolley and Conestoga wagon, we’d have so many great pictures. It’s only been a month since our last wedding, but I’m anxious to shoot again … and I don’t know if I can make it til Spring!

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