11 Jan

Trying to write when you have absolutely nothing to write about is, in my opinion, worse than writers block. Writers block means that you don’t quite know how to put into words – that please you, mind you – your thoughts. Having nothing to write about and a blank page staring idly back at you does not a interesting story make.

The only thing I can think about as I stare at this white page is the snow that is softly falling outside. The pace is a bit of a change from the blustery nights we’ve had the past few evenings in Pittsburgh, though it’s still under 25 degrees outside. What kills me about this weather is that, even with the new windows that were installed in my apartment this past summer, my bedroom is still hovering around 50 degrees. Which lead me to an interesting question as I tried to fall asleep last night – Do Bats hibernate?

I’ve googled it and the answer is yes, they do.

Their bodies can handle a temperature drop to about 10 degrees F which means that, though it’s a comparatively¬† balmy 50 in my bedroom, my little guest from the Fall could feasibly still reside in my apartment. The other results of the google were less settling; Bats will hibernate in caves, buildings, old mines and hollow trees.

This is the first year where I can safely say I am not looking forward to Spring all that much.

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