Nursing my options

20 Jan

This past week has been interesting. I’d say boring or stressful or tiring or odd, but interesting is more encompassing.

Every once and a while, my mother succumbs to the pressure of late night work (or temptation, rather) and has a bit of coffee or chocolate – something with a small amount of caffeine in it to keep her awake – and if all other conditions are right, will send her heart into an irregular sinus rhythm. ‘All other conditions’ meaning low potassium and/or magnesium and her personal heart history being prone to a-fib among other factors.

Long story short, she found herself dozing at work last Thursday and had a half cup of coffee. (enter Hallelujah chorus: MISSSS-TAAAAAKE!) Saturday morning – 30 hours later – she was ill with a migraine and, according to A.K., yellow. No good.

Why it took her body 30 hours to figure out it needed to reject something I don’t know, but it comforts me that her doctor – top class cardiologist – didn’t have the foggiest either.

She’s been in the hospital since Saturday and, with the impending threat of getting a TEE and paddles, her heart converted back to a normal rhythm at 4 a.m. yesterday during her sleep. Yahoo! Which only meant an additional 48 hours of monitoring. Ugh.

I’ve spent almost every waking hour either at work or at Presby and I’m dead tired, but I’m also liking walking around in the hospital. I wanted to be a doctor when I started out in college but was talked out of it due to the blood and my ability to faint; after watching all the things the nurses have done for my mom this past week, including the blood draws, I’m finding out I’m not as squeamish as I once was.

Getting my masters sounds great, but as I fill out all the applications I can’t help but wonder if I’ll still be interested – or even challenged – in another 6 years.

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