Who needs sleep?

25 Jan

Ever find yourself constantly looking at the same numbers? A house number, a route number, the time on a digital clock – all places you can repeatedly see the same digits – unless it’s all nines, then you probably won’t see it on a clock – but still, the repetition becomes uncanny. I keep checking the time when it is exactly 12:34.

I’m not catching the clock as it turns to or flips from; it’s exactly 12:34 and will be for at least another ten seconds. I caught it again last night and had to laugh because it just. keeps. happening.

I couldn’t sleep at all last night (not back to “normal” yet after last weeks rollercoaster) – Or, if I did, it wasn’t good and restful in the least, so I decided to get up and do some of the work left unfinished from the weekend. The last of the Christmas gear is piled up and ready to go back into my basement for storage. The living room area rug was cleared off and adjusted so it no longer curled up under my desk. The bathroom got a thorough and exhaustive bleaching; I purged through the drawers of make-up, small soaps and first aid. I tidied the kitchen and cleaned out the fridge and pantry. The only things I didn’t complete involve power tools that I don’t have access to – nor should I be using – at 2 a.m. and my upside-down bedroom. Amazing that, through all this, nothing wore me out enough that I could fall asleep in between jobs.

In the midst of last weeks heart hub bub, I got a notice that the landlord had finally – FINALLY – decided to bleed the radiators and make the heating in the house more uniform – hence the upside-down bedroom. No more loud tuba sounds in the house as steam rises; No more freezing bedroom and tropical heat wave living room. I hastily moved everything away from the radiators and went about my week. I don’t know if the contractors ever came into my apartment as promised, but my bedroom looked like a wooden furniture puzzle, all pulled out and moved about. If I had known I’d be awake long enough I could either a) finish everything else or b) put my bedroom back together, I would’ve chose the latter, but I figured bleaching the bathroom would make me tired enough. Wrong.

So today you get a blog post about why I’m sleepy and not on my game. Though I think it would be cooler if I had sleep-cleaned my apartment. Sorta like this guy.

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