Lent, again

17 Feb

Here we are at the beginning of another Lenten season and everything feels a tad familiar. I’m unsure of what I’m giving up this time around, which has lead me to avoid a lot of things today, less I decide it should be what I change …

Tv is out as I’m sitting here watching the Shaun White go for the gold on the half pipe. It’s a lot of fun watching these guys ride – I would love to learn how to ride a snowboard, though I think the side of a hill might be better than ever attempting a half pipe.

Sweets are out – in a moment of sheer hunger, I ate three chocolate chip cookies at my Art All Night meeting. I figured once I ate the first one, the other two were moot. Right?!?!?

… But I could always try to do something to better myself this season instead of avoiding and giving up … For instance, when I came out of work last night, I could have been happy for all the highway travellers that now have a safer road to travel because the plows had been through, instead of cursing the guy who drove the plowed snow straight over the side of the overpass and onto my car.

It’s cold enough when I leave work, but to come out to a frozen, mud-caked car sucks. Turns out the primo parking spots under the 279 overpass are only a good idea during a rainstorm. Snowstorm? Not so much. I didn’t get any direct snow on my car – trust me, I looked for some clean white snow to use to clear the door handle – but I did receive at least two direct hits as plows cleared the highway above onto my car. Grrrr.

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