iPad jealousy

3 May

Today I got to test drive an office friends iPad an I am completely in love with it. I’ve been looking at getting a new computer for a little while now and I was toying with the idea of a laptop, however with the freelance work I get, an iMac would be best, but then I’m left without portability. Then again, I’ve never been one to get anything completed in a coffee shop so a laptop could be lost on me in more ways than one.

An iPad would solve the portability issue and provide me with a clear work/home separation. Plus, they are just plain cool. I wasn’t too thrilled with the keyboard, but that can be remedied by getting a Bluetooth keyboard. Also, the increased battery life over a laptop will probably make me cope with the keyboard more than I otherwise would since that seemed to be the only bit that didn’t thrill me.

Video on the iPad was awesome and changing in between programs on the home screen felt like moving marbles through water – my fascination with this was close to being a really little kid playing with a water faucet.

Now to choose: Wi-Fi or 3G?

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