How … Rare?

23 May

Everyday I get newsletters from different groups I may (DailyCandy!) or may not (Found money! You helP?) have signed up for in the past.  Usually I delete them and leave it at that – far easier to delete than attempt to login to their website with a password I’m sure I forgot long ago and officially remove myself from their mailing list once and for all. Sunday at work is especially fun because I have three days worth of email built up and ready for me to go through; Today was no exception until I got to an email from .

Aptitude tests are fun and I always get a kick out of taking the Meyers-Briggs (ENFP, thank you very much) to see if I’ve changed through the years, but I’ve wanted something along those lines for careers and now: Voila! – it’s as if the French heard my thoughts! By entering courses of study and jobs and whatnot you’ve had in your life, PathMotion will show you what other things people with similar backgrounds have done with their lives. Now, I’m guessing it’s not that scientific yet because, realistically how many people could have entered their information to date? But upon putting my information into their site I’m a little unhappy with the results.

Rare job species? I’ll give you a useful ‘prediction’: You won’t be able to get many users if a career path as large as “Graphic designer” yields no results. Designers, artists and Graphic Designers are not rare, especially not in France! Now I understand why their logo is a cutoff infinity sign; Their designer got tired of working with them.

I may take their “Work Personality” and “Career Assessment” tests for kicks and giggles to see what their “psychologists” suggest. I’d love to hear the words “cheese monger”.

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