28 Jun

Goodnight, dear void

I’ve found myself waiting. And the waiting isn’t as easy to wade through as I thought it would be. With all the CSI and Law & Order on TV, you would think my waiting would’ve been cut to a minimum, but no. 2 weeks. Of waiting. Thank you very little, Hollywood.

And waiting can produce a lot of crazy thoughts. Thoughts I would’ve never thought I would think of, but definitely seem to be … now, anyway. I think the rain and gray has put me into a more melancholy mood than I would normally allow, but I’m one week away from not really having to hurry up and wait any longer.

Everything seems to be so unsettled at the moment. So up in the air. So (insert cliché here). And I’m no good at waiting. Or unsettling. I can’t even wait the requisite one week to get back into my normal routine (although spin class was fine while I was on the bike. Grrrrrr.)

I almost feel I’m writing to the same void Kathleen Kelly writes to in “You’ve Got Mail.” I’m not looking for the response, and sending this out to the void makes me nervous beyond words because, I know, I’m a private person. Vulnerability? pish, tosh. Are you kidding! I’d rather appear super-human than break and ask for __(anything)__ . Hell, even having the flu isn’t something I want broadcast. But this feels almost therapeutic, like shopping, but no Visa ding.


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  1. Allison June 29, 2010 at 6:09 am #

    Wait (ha!) what did I miss?

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