1 Jul

For one reason or another, I’ve been having problems uploading photos to WordPress. Multiple problems. All of a sudden – today – I am able to upload photos. Wahoo! Now, it may have had something to do with user error, but I don’t want to point fingers. Ahem. So, here, in no particular order are the three photos I have been trying to upload and the posts I was going to write along with them (or something close because I got too flustered with the internet … and didn’t ‘save’):

I was walking through the newsroom and smelled this. I have no idea why I smelled this, or what it actually was that so perfectly mimicked the scent of a gin and tonic with lime, but something did and that became all I could think about. I had a few words to attach to it and it would have been a brilliant little post (ok, maybe not brilliant. Humor me), but when the picture won’t load and you’ve tried 6 times, you tend to lose your wit. And any ability you have to be nice. Until you have one of these.

And then you become nice, but it can slip into Snarky really quickly if you don’t watch out. Which then prompted this:


I had not even heard about this movie (not that I keep up on what exactly Mr. K or Ms. H are up to), but when I saw this banner ad I laughed out loud. And not a nice laugh either, because my first thought was, ‘When did Heigl become a Golden Girl?’ I know they’ve just lost Blanche to the Lanai in the Sky, but, Jaysus!, Heigl looks soooo old. And compared to A-Kutch (yes, I went there) who appears to be on the same sleep-in-a-tupper-ware-for-freshness, botox-inducing-stoicism diet as his wife (she had that cover air-brushed, darn it!), Katherine looks even older. Now, the make-up isn’t terrible, and it did look quite good when it was applied to Melanie Griffith for Working Girl, but it’s 2010. Not 1988. If I had been cons …… (Insert rest of Snarky post here that I didn’t lose to my impatient battle with WP and you get the idea.)

And now, the third photo:

I’d like to say that I didn’t immediately want to order this. I really would like to say that. But this site shows exactly why color and text size is a supremely important page element. Usually, t-shirts on this site run around $15 to $30 and so when I saw the glaring ($76.00 off) nothing else (you know, like, the actual price) registered and I thought the price was going to be in that magic range. It’s a sample site. I should have known better. $89.00. Down from $165.00. Who pays $89 for a t-shirt?!?!? Let alone $165.00. I know it’s done in sequins and all, but good lord.

So, there you go; June, in a nut shell, because I’m human.

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