New Pens home

10 Aug

A couple of weeks ago I got to tour the new Pens arena – Consol Energy Center. It’s since been completed, but I got to tour (and take some pics) while it was still under construction.

Though it looks like those magic eye illustrations that used to run in the comics section, this is actually a photo of the wall that greets you when you enter the Penguins private offices. Sidney Crosby is holding the cup after their playoff win in 2009 and you can see a few other faces if you stand there and stare long enough.

When the group I was with entered the arena, they were testing the new jumbotron screens. There are 8 screens on this behemoth. They had the Pens logo on the upper boards and were playing Lord of the Rings on the lower boards. When we walked right in front of the screens, at ground level, I thought they were at least the size of movie screens and – how cool would it be – if they lowered the screens and had movie nights for local kids, à la ‘Night at the Museum’.

In both photos, you can see the running graphic boards that surround the box seat level. They’re pretty nice – the box seats, I mean. Each box has either 12 or 20 seats, a full size refrierator, catering hot tops for keeping food warm and a bar with three stools.

All of the flags are up, too. They look great and are visible from all seats, unlike at Mellon Arena where you could only see the flags on your side of the arena. I also got to see the gold beam, but I forgot to take a picture. Whoops.

You can see Mellon Arena from the brew pub in the upper concourse level – as well as a pretty great view of Downtown. The wall of glass on Washington Place is amazing, both from the outside of the arena and the inside – where you get a great view of Downtown.

Now I wish I’d bought a space on the ticket holders waiting list. Mistake! Oh well, here’s hoping I get to go to at least one event at the arena during its first year.

On a side note, this is my 100th post!

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