Everyone likes mail

23 Aug

Everyone likes mail, so long as it isn’t a bill or some junk the postmaster is required to shove into your mailbox. I say “shove” because I’m pretty sure my mailman is gunning for me with the amount of mail he crams into the tiny little mail slots. I subscribe to one magazine, Real Simple, and every time he delivers it, he deposits everything with such force that I receive greeting cards that look more like wee accordions, my bills are crumpled (ok, I crumple them when I’m done, but that’s because it’s satisfying after having paid them) and, if I’m lucky enough to get everything out, I have to twist my one and only magazine into a tight tube to even have a prayer of getting it past the 80° turn.

At home, I tend to get a lot of bills (though significantly less as of late – yes! – fist pump!), catalogs I don’t need (I’m pretty sure Victoria’s Secret could save a forest if they stopped sending me three per week) and a lot – a lot – of those junk mail fliers announcing x percentage off of this wonderful thing you didn’t think you needed but now you probably can’t live without since they’re selling it at such a once-in-a-lifetime price reduction. With this kind of mail, you can see why I only get excited to check when I know that Real Simple should be arriving any day now.

Well … the same goes for my mailbox at work. Aside from my paycheck every 14 days, the most exciting thing I get is unexpected inter-office mail, which is generally still pretty boring. I don’t pick up my paycheck every 14 days because I have direct deposit, so sometimes that unexpected mail can sit there for an extra day or two until I happen to pass the mailboxes. But not today!

I went to get my pay stub this morning and there was a package. A Package. For me. This never happens at work. Well, maybe not never … I did get a Thank you from Sephora once because I raved about their new nail product in a Trib Tested review … But back to the package.

A few weeks ago I got an email from a company that asked me to take a quick survey and, in exchange for my time, they would send me a new book from Amy Dickinson, but only if I was one of the first 100 people to take the survey. Figuring they were well past 100 by the time I saw their two-day old email, I clicked the link.

Amy Dickinson writes “Ask Amy” – a syndicated column that replaced Ann Landers’ column – that I’ve always liked reading and I thought there might be a small chance I’d get the book.


The Mighty Queens of Freeville has arrived and I am eager to start reading. I’ve got to finish The other Boleyn girl first (after only a few hours, I’m at page 177 of 735, so it could be another week) but I’ll be in Freeville before September.

This just in … the book is Signed! Might have forgot about that part ; )

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