Southside Lights

25 Aug

I broke the Hipstamatic camera out again the other night after dinner with my Aunt and cousins at Hofbrauhaus. I was driving around – mostly because I was confused on which street I needed – and managed to find my way back past I house I really like.

It’s a huge 3-story house in the slopes that looks like it should be situated in a French vineyard, not Pittsburgh. The outside is a pretty red brick/white wash that ages it enough and it’s got 2 wrought iron balconies that each have a beautiful view of the skyline. (Not to mention a building-wide deck that looks great for hosting the 4th of July!)

I thought I’d take a few pictures but I knew that my phone’s camera was going to be too dark … so the Hipstamatic came out and, with a couple of clicks, I thought I had a few nice nighttime exposures. None of them saved to my phone.

So I started the app again and, as this truck was coming up the hill, figured I could time the shutter so that the truck’s lights would illuminate the house against the steeple. My timing was a bit off, but I really like what turned out anyway!

I got back in the car and continued up the street to see this light wall. I think it’s a map of the South Side Slopes, but I could be wrong – and I haven’t yet found information on Google. Let you know what I come up with.


Almost forgot!

This photo is of the bottom left corner of the light wall:

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