8 weeks, no rain, you’re welcome

29 Aug

My windshield wipers stopped working a while ago. I can’t remember exactly when, but it was one of those days where I saw them start to die and knew there wasn’t a thing I could do to stop it. Lucky for me, they went out in style – a slightly upright position that caused many a question and comment. “Yes. Thank you. I know they’re up.” At least on the driver side they were somewhat down, but the very few passengers I did have commented that their view was ‘infringed upon’. I’m sorry. Did you need me to drive you somewhere?

The initial quote was $200. The final bill was not. Oh well. At least they’re fixed … which officially invoked Murphy’s law. Because the final bill was actually (monetarily, only) equal (roughly) to another major (Major) fix I need to do for the Jetta Pit, I am guaranteed to not need the windshield wipers until I pay for the other fix. Basically, if I went ahead and did the second fix, it would rain non-stop – however because they ARE fixed, it’s not going to rain until October. You’re welcome. Unless you have a garden, then I apologize.

The only boo-hoo (or so my mechanic thought) was that someone at some point (re: not me) glued the black plastic seal/cover to the windshield glass. To get to the bolts he tried everything he could think of and then brought me into the garage to take a peek.

He wanted to know if I’d be ok with a few extra holes in my car – which oddly felt as if I was giving permission for him to pierce my kids ear.

Me: You tried everything else, right?
Him: Yep. It’s glued. Nothing else I can do.
Me: Ok. Drill!

Then I got ‘the look’, almost as if he had some last trick up his sleeve in case I said no to the drill. It was part confusion – because i was ok with a small bit of damage to make a major repair – and part Kid-on-Christmas-morning – because I said he could drill.

In the end, I got two matching holes in the plastic, two working windshield wipers and one big smile on my face. I just wish it would rain so I could use them!

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