30 Aug

As I get better at this blogging thing, I want to customize more and more; every so often, I play around with the header illustrations. Because people read on both smart phones and computer screens, I take screen shots of both to make sure it’s a legible text to picture ratio.

I went to make a new header last week and needed a smart phone screen shot to see how the text laid over the colored circles and, when I loaded the blog to my phone, I noticed that I had an advertisement!

First, the ad is a total rip-off of Caribou Coffee. Well, sort of. It’s Caribou’s (old) font. It’s Caribou’s (old) color yellow. It’s a big boo. Or ‘bou. You pick.

Second, why is there an AD on MY blog? An AD that doesn’t even relate to the POST?!?

It only appears on the individual posts, which leads me to believe I’m going to have a banner ad on my computer monitor viewed-blog soon.


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