Secondhand shopping

7 Sep

My Mom and I kicked off Labor Day weekend with some secondhand shopping and I found this great aluminum cake and pie carrier.

She and I had been talking about finding one for a while since we both seem to take desserts to functions and we never have a great way of carrying them – always something make-shift like an upside down bowl on a cookie sheet. But no more!

The whole thing is three levels and, frankly, will carry whatever you want. The bottom is shallow enough for pies; the center for cakes (the part with the black side handle); and the top is open – great for candles/plates/etc. You can also flip the top and middle pieces to make one large carrier … which would keep you from flattening the icing on a giant cupcake.

The handle snaps on easily and I love shape and all the different colors of green. It’s possible that there’s an unforeseen (re: epic fail) reason for someone to have purged this from their kitchen. We shall see …

But the best part about this carrier? The price. $2.00! A complete steal! I can see why someone might want to get rid of it – it’s not as modern and snazzy as, say, the cup/cake carrier that Martha Stewart makes; that one switches up easily and comes with a price tag that’s more than I want to spend for something that will rarely come in handy. For as much as I’ll use this, $2.00 is plenty and I can put up with any hassles it gives me. Plus, there is the added bonus that no one can accidentally take my carrier home by mistake!

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