My first golf outing

13 Sep

Photo from Compass Cottage

In just 2 weeks time I will be taking my first hack swing at a golf course. And I’m a little nervous. I’ve been to a driving range and I’ve even been on a par 3 – though that was a true life experience, let’s just say I let a lot of people play through – but this is my company’s annual golf outing and, having just acquired my first full set of clubs this summer, I’m not exactly green-friendly.

I figure that this outing will be good because, while I won’t have to pay the green fee, I’ll be out with a lot of people who regularly play golf and they may offer a pointer or three. I’m not going to pretend that I’m anything but a novice, so I may get relegated to driving the golf cart earlier than expected, but I’m going to have fun.

I do have to go and buy a few golf balls and tees, which could be an interesting experience on its own … Though, from what I understand, it’s the end of golf season shopping which sounds just like my annual spring shopping trip for clearance-priced winter boots. Discount!

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