30 years later

16 Nov

I’ve been kind of fascinated with the Royal Family since my Mom pointed out the date similarities in our own families –  Di and Prince Charles were married a month before my parents and Prince William was born a month before me. So naturally with all these intersections (as a kid, mind you) I thought he and I would meet and have a good time laughing about the dates and see we were perfect for each other. (That little thing about me being an American is just a pesky afterthought we could surely cast aside! Edward VIII did it for Wallis Simpson …)


At least, with today’s announcement of their engagement, there will be a Royal my age who has sound fashion tastes (YES!!!!) and great style (Who made that gorgeous blue dress she’s wearing? It’s stunning!). Can’t wait to see her wedding gown … Maybe Joe and I should send them a sample of our work! London would be so much fun!

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