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Names & Monograms

14 Nov

I love it when I look at a catalog like Pottery Barn and see my monogram on an item. I know it’s simply a random coincidence, but I feel like they’re showing me what things would look like when I order them with a big “C” on them. I also love it when I see my name on things in catalogs. Growing up, that never happened. You could find almost any girl name sifting through the racks in tourist spots but mine, so seeing my name on things now is sort of making up for it. Especially when I see this on a website’s front page:

It’s a cute white Christmas stocking with a ceramic name plate and, though I already have a beautiful stocking that was knitted for my first Christmas and emblazoned with my name (not kidding – it is r-e-d), I still have to crush the urge to order it. The site is however giving me lots of ideas for making a simple ornament or two to gift this Christmas. Besides, if I make the gifts, I can easily apply my own custom monograms!


New Year’s “resolutions”

1 Jan

I’ve decided I’m not making any resolutions for the year that involve unattainable goals but rather make changes in my life that will effect myself and others in a positive way.

In other news, Christmas brought me a camera, new kitchen gear and a cuttlebug – 2011 is going to be great! Happy New Year all!


17 Nov

I love an eye catching advertisement. I love fashion. When the two meet? Ooh la la! This campaign from Hermes is swoon-worthy – so modern and hip and full of those classic orange boxes!

30 years later

16 Nov

I’ve been kind of fascinated with the Royal Family since my Mom pointed out the date similarities in our own families –  Di and Prince Charles were married a month before my parents and Prince William was born a month before me. So naturally with all these intersections (as a kid, mind you) I thought he and I would meet and have a good time laughing about the dates and see we were perfect for each other. (That little thing about me being an American is just a pesky afterthought we could surely cast aside! Edward VIII did it for Wallis Simpson …)


At least, with today’s announcement of their engagement, there will be a Royal my age who has sound fashion tastes (YES!!!!) and great style (Who made that gorgeous blue dress she’s wearing? It’s stunning!). Can’t wait to see her wedding gown … Maybe Joe and I should send them a sample of our work! London would be so much fun!

Over it

18 Sep

I’ve been out of commission for the past few days (third time I’ve been sidelined by a sinus infection this summer) and haven’t wanted to get off the couch and blog. You can deal.

There is a lot of stuff I need to catch up on but for time being, I’m watching my Bobcats be crushed by a bunch of OSU nuts … As I write, the band has begun to play Carmina Burana. As if I cued them. Great.

Til tomorrow, when I can actually get time together and write a proper post, I leave you with this video, shared by my high school friend Stan.

They have more available at

My first golf outing

13 Sep

Photo from Compass Cottage

In just 2 weeks time I will be taking my first hack swing at a golf course. And I’m a little nervous. I’ve been to a driving range and I’ve even been on a par 3 – though that was a true life experience, let’s just say I let a lot of people play through – but this is my company’s annual golf outing and, having just acquired my first full set of clubs this summer, I’m not exactly green-friendly.

I figure that this outing will be good because, while I won’t have to pay the green fee, I’ll be out with a lot of people who regularly play golf and they may offer a pointer or three. I’m not going to pretend that I’m anything but a novice, so I may get relegated to driving the golf cart earlier than expected, but I’m going to have fun.

I do have to go and buy a few golf balls and tees, which could be an interesting experience on its own … Though, from what I understand, it’s the end of golf season shopping which sounds just like my annual spring shopping trip for clearance-priced winter boots. Discount!

Game Time

12 Sep

I may have grown up in a different state and cheered for a different professional football team, but we still had the same crazy fans that the Steelers seem to attract,  which is why it boggles my mind to see this happen during a game:

See the people? They’re walking AWAY from the stadium. AWAY. From the STADIUM. Where the game they were attending was STILL happening.* OT had only just begun and the score was 9-9 after both the Steelers and the Falcons had scored 3 field goals a piece (btw: what a weird way to score for the whole game) so you knew there had to be more to come – and these people left!

One of my biggest pet peeves is fans leaving the game stadium early. First of all – you were stuck in traffic on your way to the game, so what’s the big rush to beat the traffic home? Seriously!

Second – you paid for the ticket – Stay. You never know what might happen – you could miss the greatest TD run of all time or an incredible triple play or a game comeback likely never to be repeated. Sit your butt back down and wait til the time clock runs out.

I stayed for the entirety of the Pirates/Brewers game on April 22, 2010 and saw the Pirates get smacked down in a 20-0 loss; the most historic loss in the 124-year history of the franchise – but it ended up being one of the funniest days of my life. And the coolest part is that I was there. Ok. Yes, they would have still lost if I had left (I’m not one to put too much stock in team Karma like that) but I got to see the whole thing – something I can claim in my story whenever I tell it (which isn’t often because who wants to be known as ‘that pirates fan’).

Point of the whole story: All those people who walked by my office before the game ended and didn’t get to see Mendenhall’s run are forevermore listed as fair-weather fans in my book. Even though I don’t actually know their names.

*If this group of people did not actually attend the game and merely tailgated with the desire to walk home before the fan-traffic began, then my apologies … But I find it extremely difficult to believe that all those who walked past my office window before Mendenhall ran 50 game winning yards in OT to beat the Falcons were not ticket holders for the game.

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