9 Sep


9 Sep

I give up. I have no idea why I can’t post YouTube videos and actually make them visible in blog posts read on any computer other than mine.

I don’t know why WordPress’s HTML coding will not allow me to include or exclude certain images from galleries.

I have tried everything I can think of and nothing works. If you have any idea and would like to attempt to help me save my sanity, please, leave a comment.

Project time

8 Sep

A couple weeks ago my Mom and I made a trip down to Ikea and were looking for a cabinet for my living room. We’ve been on the hunt ever since I got my new desk last October (the arrival of the desk started a domino effect of furniture moving room to room within my place … which I’ll post about later)

The trip was good; We found a modular piece-it-yourself cabinet that would work but I wasn’t too keen on the doors. I figured, though, that with the amount of storage it would provide I could get over the doors not being quite what I wanted. The price being more than I was ready to pay (windshield wiper fiasco wiped me out there for a bit), I figured out the pieces I would need to make my return trip a quick one … but my Mom had other ideas.

Tall dresser

The Cabinet

She thought a second hand chest of drawers would be best (she did not like the Ikea idea at all … even after I showed her my out-of-season bedding situation) for both price and style and, though she didn’t find anything on her own, we found a great solid wood cabinet when we went out last weekend.

I already mentioned the cake and pie carrier I found, but my Mom found this tall dresser while we were waiting for a chair she had previously bought to be loaded into her car.

I’ll admit, the fact that it had a $39 price tag on it was a lot more tempting than the Ikea solution, but it needs a lot of work. And I was really wanting furniture that was ready to go. But I argued the missing handle on the left door was worth at least $10 bucks off. For $29 this Sherrill Furniture dresser is mine!

This cabinet is huge – just under 4 feet wide and a shade over 5 feet tall – and it is heavy as hell. Somehow, with the help of the guys who worked at the store, we got it on top of my Mom’s car … but I had no idea how, without the 2 guys and the loading ramp, we were going to get it off the car and up the stairs into my second floor apartment.

On top of the car

Only a hope and a prayer are getting this thing down

Upside down

It's in!


Don’t ask how, but we finally got the cabinet untied and into my apartment, albeit upside down, but the key is: it’s in my apartment.

After a lot of scrubbing with some diluted Mr. Clean, the piece looks pretty good. It could use a sanding and I’d like to paint it, but the reviews on that are mixed: My Mom thinks I should go for it and make it a really cool painted cabinet … but the wood is pretty nice and could just as easily be cleaned up and restored. Decisions, decisions!


Here’s a look at a few other pics:

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Secondhand shopping

7 Sep

My Mom and I kicked off Labor Day weekend with some secondhand shopping and I found this great aluminum cake and pie carrier.

She and I had been talking about finding one for a while since we both seem to take desserts to functions and we never have a great way of carrying them – always something make-shift like an upside down bowl on a cookie sheet. But no more!

The whole thing is three levels and, frankly, will carry whatever you want. The bottom is shallow enough for pies; the center for cakes (the part with the black side handle); and the top is open – great for candles/plates/etc. You can also flip the top and middle pieces to make one large carrier … which would keep you from flattening the icing on a giant cupcake.

The handle snaps on easily and I love shape and all the different colors of green. It’s possible that there’s an unforeseen (re: epic fail) reason for someone to have purged this from their kitchen. We shall see …

But the best part about this carrier? The price. $2.00! A complete steal! I can see why someone might want to get rid of it – it’s not as modern and snazzy as, say, the cup/cake carrier that Martha Stewart makes; that one switches up easily and comes with a price tag that’s more than I want to spend for something that will rarely come in handy. For as much as I’ll use this, $2.00 is plenty and I can put up with any hassles it gives me. Plus, there is the added bonus that no one can accidentally take my carrier home by mistake!

The Mailman cometh

6 Sep

It’s Monday – Labor Day – and even though there’s no mail delivery today, I went downstairs to get Saturday’s mail. THIS is what greeted me:

I’ve said it before it before and I’ll say it again: My Mailman hates me. Look how much mail – real and junk – he’s crammed into the tiny mailbox! It’s stuffed in so tight that it isn’t even touching the bottom of the mailbox; it’s a physics lesson sitting there, nice and snug, waiting since Saturday.

I’m the only person to whom he actually delivers junk mail – he places the other tenants’ junk mail in one big pile in the entry of the house. What the hello Dolly is he thinking?!?!? That Anthropologie catalog is not coming out without a serious tear or two, that’s for sure.

Labor day weekend

5 Sep

Hope everyone has a nice Labor Day weekend with clear blue skies!

Fail Whale

2 Sep

Fail Whale

I got my first (and second and third) Fail Whale today – I even got an iFail Whale! I know it’s not really that cool but I’ve never had one before. I’ve had a Twitter account for a while now and I’ve never got the whale – even while tweeting during massive twitter-trending topics. I feel like I’ve joined a new social group.

And while I was thinking about what random thing I would like to blog about today (but Caroline, you’re always so on-topic …) I was also surfing the web (shocker). I kept coming back to the whale illustration. I think it’s pretty cute, I mean, when was the last time you saw a smiling whale? Let alone one that’s being carried by eight birds flying in different directions? And then I was shown this t-shirt … with more birds:

Weight Ratio

Award yourself bonus points if you know what this is without rolling over for the picture title. Subtract 1,000 points if, after rolling over, you still have no idea what it is. And then go rent buy Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Lime in the CoconutLast weekend while I was at Kennywood, a girl walked by me wearing this shirt:

I stopped her in her tracks to tell her how much I loved it (I immediately started to sing the Muppets version in my head) and she told me about the company that sells the t-shirts: shirt.Woot.com

Pretty cool business idea … only sell the t-shirts people are buying. It’s genius.

With that being said … here’s a peek at some of today’s winners. (The Banana/Orange joke was a favorite of mine as a kid. Still is.)

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