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9 Sep

I give up. I have no idea why I can’t post YouTube videos and actually make them visible in blog posts read on any computer other than mine.

I don’t know why WordPress’s HTML coding will not allow me to include or exclude certain images from galleries.

I have tried everything I can think of and nothing works. If you have any idea and would like to attempt to help me save my sanity, please, leave a comment.


Worst Day

1 Oct

I’m having a terrible horrible no good very bad day.

I got up this morning and barely made it to the gym in time for my super-sympathetic trainer to kick my recovering from a sinus infection butt. The workout was good, but I was so bad. No balance and I felt terrible.

I ran home to shower, change and get to work and, as I was deciding what to wear, found that my first three CASHMERE options had all been visited by the moth fairies sometime over the summer. My brown sweater, red dress and green sweater had all gone well with some little moth’s cheese plate. All 100% cashmere. All 100% ruined.

So I flew into work and sat down for my meeting when what meets my surprised eye but a moth hole on the front – really, like, the worst place for a girl to have a moth hole on her sweater – gaping at me from my favorite and beautiful purple sweater – the fourth cashmere option from the morning that I thought had gone to hell but was redeemed because my favorite garment had been left untouch. Ha. Not. So. Fast. And it’s not like I know how to reweave one of the most ridiculously expensive fabrics on the face of the earth. I can mail them all to NYC and have them fixed but hello – budget is out the window.

I’m still reeling from last week’s trip to the mechanic where I was told that nothing short of $1400 would get my car back into working order – so I’m trying to get money in from all the different freelance jobs I’ve got hanging out there. I got a check for one of them last night – which should have been great except that I decided to run out on my lunch break, pick up some food, stop at the bank and deposit. Nice. Leisurely like.


Metermaid got me while I was in the bank.

I give up. What the hell did I do to piss off Karma so bad that not only am I already down in the hole as far as I thought I could dig when she hands me dynamite to blast down a little farther?

Something has to go right at some point. Right? I said Right?

The sinus infection will heal (in 6.5 days) and I’ll be healthy again. The garments can be (albeit expensively) reweaved. The parking ticket was $11.00 (as opposed to the $35.00 you get downtown) so I just won’t eat out the next two times I want to. But I’m just feeling really far down the hole right now. People are getting in touch with me that I really just don’t want to be talking to. My car is ready to quit on me and I don’t have the money to replace it, let alone get it fixed. And I’d really like to leave my office right now and go home. It’s emotion roller-coaster central in my head right now and all I really want is some peace, quiet and a couch. Sometimes, you just need a good cry. And, like my library books, I think I’m overdue.

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